Marybeth & Joe


The late-afternoon sun wrapped around the greenery and flowers. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens was quiet on this Tuesday night. We were walking around one of the many flower gardens, and Amy held Marybeth’s engagement ring in her hand. With all of the flowers surrounding us, we were looking for the best spot to shoot some images of the ring. As we usually do, we asked Marybeth and Joe to tell us about their engagement ring. The stories we hear are always lovely; there never fails to be a lot of thought and intention put into the ring. As our eyes searched the garden for a place to set the ring, our hearts listened to the ring’s beautiful history.

Marybeth answered our question by saying that the ring belonged to her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother before it belonged to her! Amy had to clarify that she had heard Marybeth correctly. This ring symbolized the engagements of four generations in this family! Four couples who promised to love one another “until death do us part.” It makes us think of all the other couples who have laid the foundation before Marybeth and Joe, and of the family that will result from their own marriage!

Marybeth and Joe, we loved learning a bit more about your relationship and love story. It seems like you’ve been together for a long while, having met all the way back during your freshman year at JMU (Go Dukes!), but what you’ve lived so far is nothing compared to the years ahead of you, God willing. One thing that stands true for all of us is that we are pilgrims journeying to our final home in Heaven. As a married couple, you’ll be responsible for getting one another there! Be sure to praise God often for the positive examples shown to you by your families, and ask for His help in setting your own positive example for your future family. We pray that the generations to come will be set up for success by the love shown by the two of you! We can’t wait to celebrate with you in January! You’re in our prayers.