Bridget and Bobby


Nestled in the quiet hills of Ellicott City, the Shrine of Saint Anthony is a perfect place for peaceful prayer. We enjoyed plenty of time there when we were dating and newly married, but after moving away we forgot something of its beauty. The silence wraps around you and invites you to see and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. 

When Bridget and Bobby arrived for their engagement session, the Shrine was as beautiful and peaceful as always. Walking and talking with them only added to the joy of the experience. Together, they were so composed and at ease; surely they must make anyone around them relaxed as well. Engagement sessions are awesome because they always give us a glimpse of the family that will be formed on the wedding day. 

Bridget and Bobby, your relationship and upcoming marriage will surely be a blessing to all who know you. Of all the memories I have at the Shrine of Saint Anthony, your engagement session is definitely one of my favorites. It’s clear from your joy, peace, and excitement that God is at work preparing you for a holy marriage and family. You both are warm, gentle, and easy to be around. The Holy Family must have been these things, too. We are so excited about your November wedding and will be praying for you as you continue to prepare for this sacrament.

In Christ,

Amy and Kyle