Kelly and William Swannanoa Styled Shoot

We made our way out of the car. One by one we shook hands and introduced ourselves to the other photographers and their significant others. This was our first time attending a styled shoot, or anything like it! Our business is still so young; we took our first paying clients in November 2018. Amy shot the first session alone, but by the time the second session came around Kyle wanted to participate, too. We’ve been learning, practicing, and shooting side-by-side ever since. Stepping into something new can be so scary, simply because we lack a sense of control. It was scary to get married and unite our lives. It was scary welcoming our daughter into the world and learning to die to ourselves like never before. It’s been scary starting this photography business, too. But all of these “scary” endeavours have ended up bringing unexplainable amounts of joy into our lives.


During our first Sunday Mass as a family of three, our deacon delivered the most perfect homily. I was terrified being a new mom. Winnie was five days old and the only emotion I had experienced so far was fear. The Gospel for that Sunday was Matthew 14:22-33. The disciples were filled with fear in this passage. They were out on the sea in the midst of a storm. Their boat was taking on water, when suddenly Jesus appeared walking on the waves. About this passage, Deacon Desi said, “Jesus reveals himself, speaks, and comes to the disciples in and from the very midst of the storm itself. He did not take the disciples out of their storm, he entered their storm. Jesus does not come to us from outside our storms and fears like some divine search-and-rescue mission. Yet that’s often where we look for him, outside the circumstances of our lives. We are too easily persuaded that the solution to dire circumstances comes only from outside the circumstances themselves. That is the exact opposite of what today’s gospel tells us.”


Kelly and William, thank you for taking a chance on something new and for attending the styled shoot at Swannanoa! After shooting mostly engaged and married couples, we really enjoyed shooting your young relationship. The emotions of joy and excitement, which you have for one another, cannot be faked. Just looking at these photos from your session remind us of how we felt when our own relationship was new. Time transformed our relationship from butterflies to a strong foundation. We pray that if your relationship is meant to be, time will do the same for you, too!

The Team:

Venue: Swannanoa on Afton Mountain

Floral Design: Hidden Acres Design

Props: Another Chance Events

Photography: Amy Lee Ambrose

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