The van door slid open. Kyle and I could hear little voices and giggles. The sound traveled from the road to the park, where we were waiting. Waiting to greet the DiDominzio family. Typically, children are a little shy and apprehensive about a photoshoot. Typically. Not Matthew, Maggie, Abby, or Ben! “I see a squirrel!” […]

Beautiful Family of Six at Fulton Park in CT

Dear Winnie,   At 9 am we made our way outside. You stood still in the crisp morning air. Wonder and amazement danced across your face as you took in the dazzling white appearance of the trees, bushes, and ground. You reached your little mitted hand up for mine and flashed a trusting look. The […]

Dear Winnie, Your First Snow Day

The Hadleys’ car pulled into the spot next to mine. I smiled at Grace sitting in her carseat. Milk from her bottle dripped down her chin. Becca and I exchanged smiles before each taking another long swig of coffee and stepping out of our cars into the cold morning air. Our 15-month-old daughters had turned […]

Family Session at Lake Needwood

“You must be Michael” I said to the smiling man who had answered my knock on the door. He welcomed me inside and I was greeted by the sweet smell of pie. His wife, Alison, was upstairs with her children, all grown, and all under the same roof again. An early Thanksgiving dinner had brought […]

Family Christmas Session in Forest Hill, MD

I’ve been so excited to finally launch my website, and am so happy it is finished and ready to be shared! This blog will showcase some of my favorite images from each session I shoot, and I already have many images of clients—with whom I have loved working—ready to be shared! My site just launched […]

Launched at Last!